An editorial intelligence platform for publishers.

Maximize the value of your stories with Storily’s tools and services that support each phase of the story lifecycle. Our platform empowers you to connect disparate data—from the web, apps, social media, advertising platforms, and more—into one intuitive platform, providing actionable insights. Ultimately, Storily drives the greatest return for you, and value for your readers.


Discover topics and content that are gaining traction across the web and social platforms, and receive predictive alerts based on your publishing history.



Measure the value of your content with a 360 degree view of your story, article series, and content verticals, combined with comprehensive audience profiles.


Determine the optimal combination of story topics, audiences, and distribution and marketing channels that generate the greatest value.


With insights that match the way you work.


Discover opportunities with data-driven inspiration for your next story. Storily analyzes your publishing history—including past topics and performance—and alerts you to relevant topics worth investigating.


Drive your marketing and distribution strategies with deep insights that combine comprehensive audience profiles with historical and real-time data across all channels—for each story and content vertical.


Be the first to know when activity happens with your organization or your client’s brand with custom alerts—taking advantage of, or reacting quickly to, topics or issues that are trending around the web.


Stay ahead of the curve by identifying topics, stories, and trends that are gaining buzz (social velocity)—and use Storily to predict the stories that are about to take off across the zeitgeist.



Providing value across the story lifecycle.

Maximize the value of your stories with Storily’s platform which supports each phase of the story lifecycle.


1.0 Creation 

scoping and planning, search trends, discover opportunities, produce content


2.0 Distribution

publish on domain, syndicate on social, advertising / marketing, pr promotion


3.0 Engagement

social amplification, interact with audience, influencer engagement, community management



4.0 Measurement

collect and analyze data, track value / revenue, insights and forecasting, predictive analytics


5.0 Optimization

revise, update, or expand, create additional stories, recirculate / recommend, personalization


6.0 Preservation

recycle, repackage, decommission, dispose or archive